Employee Benefits

Benefit Offerings

Group Medical, Medical GAP, Group Dental, Group Vision, Long-Term & Short-Term Disability, Group Life and Voluntary Products

Health Insurance Positive Outcomes:

  1. Creates a happy team of employees that realize their owner cares about their well-being
  2. Employees pay with pre-tax dollars & the Employer contribution is tax-deductible
  3. Employer payroll taxes are reduced by 7.65% of the employee contribution
  4. Employer workers compensation premiums are reduced
  5. Employees with Benefit Packages are more productive at their jobs


We Protect the Present and Plan for Your future

Our firm is available to assist your company with either a New Employee Benefit Package or a second look at your existing Employee Benefits. In our ever-changing world of Employee Group Benefits; we pride ourselves on our many years of experience, continuing education and professionalism.

What separates us from other Benefit Brokers is that we recognize that every company is structured differently, but more importantly each company has specific varying needs. Therefore, we do not fit companies into a 1 carrier system with a set it and forget it mentality. Our dedicated staff creates the perfect most efficient benefit package and then will assist with maintenance of the plan. What does that mean? No 800 numbers and phone menus. Your company members will have direct access to staff members for issues that arise.

We request your company group benefit quotes for all lines of coverage on an annual basis, which allows us to weigh the company need with what is happening in the market. We do not rely on a group renewal but use it as a tool for recommendations along with other quotes each year. One of the main reasons we are so hands on is to be able to say to an owner; we have found the best plan for the year which will allow you to retain the employees you have & will attract new employees to your company. 9 out of 10 employees looking for a new position in their filed are looking at salary & a strong rich Benefit Plan for them and their families. 

It takes a firm on top of their game with all the frequent Carrier & Government Agency (ACA-Affordable Care Act, Individual Marketplace, Medicare, Medicaid) changes to be able to update companies Benefit Planning real time. Our remarkable company offers a branded Portal free to your company with the ease of  electronic benefit enrollment, administration and HR Support including company specific documents like Employee Handbooks (which we can create) to allow your designated company employee responsible for HR to be efficient while not spending hours on non-revenue producing needs.


We assist with day-to-day servicing issues as well as one-on-one assistance for your employees through our branded online Portal.

  • Online employee Portal and Phone Application will create access to all benefits information for your employees
  • Billing Resolution and Management
  • Processing of enrollments, new hires, terminations and changes with timely turnarounds
  • Claim Resolution
  • HR Assistance with your Benefits and COBRA packages
  • Renewal reviews that include recommendations w/ alternative carriers
  • Comprehensive comparison information to ensure you and your employees are receiving the most tailored Benefits Package
  • Explanations and advice for your employees on how to most effectively use their insurance

We also offer the following Voluntary Products:

• Hospital Indemnity
• Accident
• Cancer